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Alpaca Breeders Connection

We, the Members of Alpaca Breeders Connection, are once again reinventing ourselves as we continue to explore and expand in this exciting industry of "all things ALPACA." Take a few moments to review the farm information below and feel free to contact us for information regarding alpaca sales, breeding, farm visits, upcoming events or alpaca products.

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As alpaca owners, we are passionate about these unique 'lite' livestock and all that they offer. Our interest in the future of the alpaca industry in the United States is strengthened by our continued connection with each other, with other alpaca owners and breeders across the nation, and with Nature as we tread softly in our environment.

Alpaca Country of Coburg

Alpaca Country

Alpaca Country, operated by Steve and Cathy Fountain, proudly brings you the harvest of their herd. Shop for rovings, yarn and raw fiber for all your projects. Just visit The Market is open 24 hours a day.

Steve & Cathy Fountain

Applegate Hills Alpacas of Junction City Applegate Hills Alpacas
  90653 Dalewood Drive
  Junction City, OR 97448

What a great way to make use of a few acres – raising adorable creatures that are soft and cuddly and don’t annoy your neighbors. And of course they can be quite profitable!

Alpacas are very hardy and easy to care for. We were nervous at first adding this to our already busy schedule of full-time jobs and travel – but at Applegate Hills Alpacas we have found that the few extra chores are well-worth the effort. And we have met so many wonderful people along the way!

We carefully selected our first alpacas and through selective breeding now offer you the opportunity to add some top quality females to your own herd.  We offer competitive prices (including some package discounts), a variety of colors to choose from and ongoing support for your new animals.  We also sell a selection of American-made alpaca socks to keep your feet warm and dry.  Please call or email us today.

Reba McClary & Kendra

Aragon Alpacas of Eugene Aragon Alpacas
  33005 Dillard Road
  Eugene, OR 97405
A Spinner's Barn Farm Store & Gallery

Having never owned lifestock before, we carefully considered the implications of investing in the alpaca business. We looked beyond the doe-eyes and the cute babies to the business model and the daily tasks, and agreed that the 'alpaca lifestyle' appealed to us on multiple levels.

Aragon Alpacas breeds for fineness of dense, colored fleece, the ultimate product of our "green" ranching business. And the additional advangages — working with inquisitive, intelligent animals, and fertilizing gardens and vineyards with "alpaca gold" — are fun, too!

In keeping with 'Shop Local', our Farm Store & Gallery offers a wide selection of alpaca wearables for you and your home as well as yarn and fleeces from our herd. Most items are proudly crafted in Eugene or in Oregon. Store hours are generally 10-4, Thurs - Sun, and we welcome farm tours by arrangement.

Ann & Mike Dockendorf

Pura Vida Alpacas of Eugene Pura Vida Alpacas
  85343 Hideawy Hills Rd North
  Eugene, OR 97405

At Pura Vida Alpacas we exclusively raise Huacaya alpacas. Our goals have expanded into producing highly desired seed stock, a well-balanced production herd and, as always, the world’s most luxurious fiber.

We consider ourselves lucky and Blessed to be able to share our lives with one of the most magical creatures we have ever encountered.

Robbin & Matt Freedman

Oregon Alpaca Breeders
Alpaca Breeders Connection
Lane County in Western Oregon
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